You’re Evil or You’re an Idiot

(Look at me using a clickbait title. Go me!)

Based on what I’m reading, I’m absolutely positive that the statement I made in the title is 100% correct. How do I know? Follow my logic:

Logic Step 1: No one in the world agrees with me on every single possible subject.

Even if you happen to hit all the majors, how can you possibly agree with me on every position for an infinite number of subjects? For example, ice cream. My favorite flavor is pistachio. If you said, rocky road, you’re out.

Logic Step 2: There are only two possible reasons that you could disagree with me – either you’re evil or you’re an idiot.

I know this because I’ve read it on just about every blog and in every internet news opinion piece. Since so many people are saying it, it must be true.

Logical Conclusion: Since you can’t possibly agree with me on everything and the only explanation for disagreement is evilness or stupidity, you must be either evil or an idiot. Period.

Okay, my position in the title is logical, but is it reasonable? Unfortunately, it appears to be what passes for reason on the internet.

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