Does Big Business Own the Republican Party?

Big business owns the Republican Party.

It’s a common thought, but this blog is all about being reasonable. Is it a reasonable thought or just symptomatic of the tin foil hat I’m wearing?

Here’s what Fortune has to say (here):

But I am prepared to declare a loser: big business. The so-called “establishment” Republican candidates – Rubio and Kasich – got trounced (Rubio won only in Minnesota.) Donald Trump is prevailing by trampling all over the business agenda – freer trade, more high-skilled immigration, balanced budgets – and demonizing an ever longer list of the Fortune 500companies – Pfizer was back in his sights last night.

I can’t see how to read the statement that big business lost because the establishment candidates lost as anything other than an admission that the Republican Establishment is firmly in the corner of big business. It’s not such a far leap from being the corner of to owned by.

Maybe or maybe not on the fact of the matter, but I think it’s reasonable to say that big business owns the Republican Party.



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