Interesting Article Defending Trump’s Identity as a Conservative

I’m not much one for labels in that I believe that either a person makes sense or they don’t. It seems to me, however, that a lot of criticism leveled at the Donald is that he’s not a “True Conservative.”

What is a “True Conservative?”

A guy states his understanding here. I’m not sure I buy the whole argument, but it’s reasonable and well worth a read.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Article Defending Trump’s Identity as a Conservative”

  1. Right on both counts – worth a read, and not a convincing argument. If Trump gets the nomination, he will instantly, magically be more acceptable to both conservatives and evangelicals, just for being “not as bad as Hillary”. And people will write a slew of articles like this one defending why it doesn’t matter that Trump is an arrogant jerk, because now he’s “our jerk”.


    1. Considering how strongly both the establishment and the Religious Right have gone after Trump, it’ll be interesting if your prediction comes to pass in the event he’s nominated. Seems to me like some of the rhetoric would be hard to walk back.


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