Negative Trump Article

Good. On the same day I found a really reasonable article that supported Trump, I was able to find a really reasonable article that was agin (that’s Southern for “against” or “opposed to”) him.

This article is really all about political correctness and how Trump isn’t exactly a good poster child for a movement against it, but this is the part I loved because it made me laugh:

If you set out to create the least correct and most implausible political figure of the age, you could hardly do better than Trump. He even defies the notion that the true opposite of political correctness is unalloyed and unapologetic political expressiveness — an emotional populism. He actually may be the most inarticulate, repetitive, low-vocabulary, shambolic speaker ever to get this close to the White House. Who knows what he’s actually saying?

Yes! As much as I’m amused by Trump, I’m sometimes as bemused as well. Most of the time, I think there’s a coherent statement in his speeches somewhere, but it takes a lot of effort digging to find it.

One thought on “Negative Trump Article”

  1. Thanks so much for the comment and suggestion you left on my blog, I have made those changes. I have been watching the whole Clinton/Trump election race with bemusement; wondering what impact whatever it may be, will have on the US, let alone the rest of the world…


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