Are Voters Angry?

I keep reading in posts like this one that voters are angry.

Trump is an angry man – only god knows why – and he fuels that same anger in his fellow Americans that are voting for him.

As a reasonable person, I think it’s my job to question any statement that is simply stated as fact.

I think that the first part of the quoted statement is false. Though perhaps Trump’s statement seem born of anger when read, they appear to me to be more an attempt at comedy when I hear them in clips.

Trump, I believe, is first and foremost an entertainer. He uses the “angry” statements both as a way to entertain his crowd and to capture media interest. I don’t think that he is, in fact, angry at anything.

I’m not sure about the accuracy of the second part of the statement, however.

Is Trump’s appeal due to anger? Certainly, it appears that some degree of dissatisfaction is at play, but I’m not so sure that voters aren’t responding more to the charisma of an good entertainer in much the same way as they responded to Obama’s excellent skills as an orator.