Tone Deaf Article on Johnny Manziel?

I can’t believe that I’m writing a post in dense of Roger Goodell, but here goes …

As a reasonable person, I think that a lot of the unreasonableness in American attitudes at the moment can be directly traced to people being so concerned with their hot button issue that they completely ignore all other issues. Take, for example, this article from MSNBC sports calling out Roger Goodell for not taking immediate disciplinary action against Johnny Manziel for domestic violence.

I think that any reasonable person would agree that Manziel absolutely needs to be subjected to discipline for the recent incident with his ex-girlfriend in Texas. His actions are completely reprehensible.

When you have a young man’s father fearing that that young man is going to reach his 24th birthday, however, perhaps it is appropriate to take a step back for a moment to┬áconsider what course of action is most likely to lead to that young man getting the help he needs.

Domestic violence is never okay. Period. But what’s more important – making sure he’s punished or trying to save his life?