Rape Laws Are Sexist

First, let me apologize for the clickbait title. Generally, I hate clickbait titles, but there’s one exception – if a title is completely over the top outrageous, I tend to find it amusing rather than annoying. I’m hoping that my title falls into the amusing category. If not, I apologize to the ten people or so who will actually ever read one of my blog posts 🙂

As longtime readers of my blog know (or would know if, you know, I had any longtime readers), I’m all about interacting with other bloggers and trying to determine if their views are reasonable or not. Truthfully, I’ve encountered a lot of very reasonable (and nice!) bloggers on all sides of the political spectrum.

Sometimes, however, I run across views that really strike me as looney tunes.

Take, for example, this quote:

Trump proposes racist policies. That means policies which disproportionately affect one race over others. Someone who supports racist policies can safely be called racist.

Okay, let’ examine the reasoning here:

First of all, the blogger shows a valid attempt at logic.

Postulate 1: A racist policy is any policy which disproportionately affects one race over others.

Postulate 2: Someone who supports racist polices can safely be called racist.

Postulate 3: Trump supports policies that disproportionately affect one race over others.

Therefore, one can safely conclude that Trump is a racist. Ninja’d!

Okay, but hold up a second. That conclusion is only logical if each postulate is actually true.

I’ll give the blogger Postulates 2 and 3 for the sake of this discussion. Let’s take closer look at that first one, though.

My Postulate 1: If a racist policy is any policy which disproportionately affects one race over others, it stands to reason that a sexist policy is any policy which disproportionately affects one gender over another. Seems to me that this is kind of hard to argue against.

My Postulate 2: More men are charged, convicted, and punished for rape than women are. Hard to argue based on any reasonable examination of facts.

Therefore, since rape laws disproportionately affect men over women, rape laws are sexist.


One can define “racist” and “sexist” any way one wants, but if one want the words to have any kind of meaning in the real world, the definition put forth by the blogger that I encountered isn’t very reasonable.

Mathematically, How did Trump do Last Night?

Total Delegates allocated as of 3/23/16: 1537 (number includes 9 unbound delegates)

Total Delegates bound to Trump: 739 (48%)

Delegates needed for Trump to clinch the nomination: 1237 – 739 = 498

Delegates remaining to be allocated: 935

Percentage of remaining delegates Trump needs (assuming that all unbound go against him): 498 out of 935 = 53%

As of 3/22, those numbers were:

Bound to Trump: 680 out of 1437 = 47%

Percentage needed by Trump: 557 out of 1035 = 54%

Bottom Line

Trump had a good night in that he outperformed the minimum that he needed, but he barely outperformed.

Negative Trump Article

Good. On the same day I found a really reasonable article that supported Trump, I was able to find a really reasonable article that was agin (that’s Southern for “against” or “opposed to”) him.

This article is really all about political correctness and how Trump isn’t exactly a good poster child for a movement against it, but this is the part I loved because it made me laugh:

If you set out to create the least correct and most implausible political figure of the age, you could hardly do better than Trump. He even defies the notion that the true opposite of political correctness is unalloyed and unapologetic political expressiveness — an emotional populism. He actually may be the most inarticulate, repetitive, low-vocabulary, shambolic speaker ever to get this close to the White House. Who knows what he’s actually saying?

Yes! As much as I’m amused by Trump, I’m sometimes as bemused as well. Most of the time, I think there’s a coherent statement in his speeches somewhere, but it takes a lot of effort digging to find it.

Positive Trump Article

I read a lot of articles about Trump. Seriously, if you’re into reading about politics, it’s hard to avoid them. I have to say that the ones in his favor seem to be much more reasonable written than the vitriolic hyperbole against him.

This particular article brought an interesting perspective that crystallized something that I’d been thinking:

My gut tells me much of the contempt for Trump reflects contempt for his working-class white support. It is one prejudice gentry liberals and gentry conservatives share.

It is perhaps the last acceptable bigotry …

Wow. Interesting and powerful stuff. The only question is, is it reasonable?

Brokered GOP Convention? Nope. Why journalists have it wrong – again

The blog post below presents a very detailed breakdown of where the author sees the race going, and it’s not good news for the #nevertrump folks. My own crystal ball is broken, so I can’t tell you if the writeup is accurate or not. It is, however, a good read:

As with hurricanes and sex scandals, our cynical journalists find little quite so titillating as the notion of a brokered convention. Unfortunately for them and for the anyone-but-Trump crowd, the …

Source: Brokered GOP Convention? Nope. Why journalists have it wrong – again

Marco Rubio Arrested for Allegedly Shooting Four Hotel Employees

(I found this on Facebook, and it made me laugh. The author didn’t want me linking to a private account, but I have permission to post it to my blog.)

Marco Rubio Arrested for Allegedly Shooting Four Hotel Employees

Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio was arrested late last night after allegedly shooting four hotel workers at a campaign rally in Miami, Florida, police said.

A statement released by Miami Dade Metro Homicide Sergeant Joe Friday gave details of the attack.

“According to security footage, Mr. Rubio was giving a speech explaining how his third place finish in the Louisiana Republican primary put him in prime position to capture the nomination when he received word that Donald Trump’s poll numbers had increased by ten points following the previous night’s incident.”

In that well publicized event, Mr. Trump asked supporters at a rally to pledge their lives to him. After a mass rush to do so, he killed one of them with a single gunshot to the head. The incident was ruled voluntary homicide, and no charges were filed against Mr. Trump. “It’s just Donald being Donald,” the police said. A disturbing the peace charge was leveled against the corpse.

“Mr. Rubio,” the statement read, “proceeded to ask one of his staffers to obtain an assault rifle. The staffer, Shu Licker, promptly returned with an AK-47. The video shows Mr. Rubio spraying the hotel conference room with bullets and shouting, ‘If this doesn’t get me into the White House, I don’t know what will.’ A bartender, two maids, and a hotel assistant manager all sustained wounds and were pronounced dead on arrival at Mercy Hospital.”

When reached for comment, Sgt. Friday said, “It’s just lucky that it was a Rubio rally instead of any of the other candidates. Even a Kasich event would have had somebody other than a few of the hotel staff in attendance. The tragedy could have been so much worse.”

When asked what he thought the outcome of the case would be, Sgt. Friday said, “I really shouldn’t speculate, but I think Little Marco is going to get the chair … unless President Trump pardons him.

A Conversation with Two Trump Supporters

Just today, I had a conversation with two actual Trump supporters in person in my office. This post is a real account and is not an attempt to be funny in any way (okay, so I do attempt to be funny because that’s just what I do, but I’m not fabricating the event in an attempt to be funny). This actually happened.

Supporter 1 is a white legal immigrant from south Africa. Truthfully, I don’t know if he’s from the country of South Africa or simply one of the countries in the southern part of the continent (I’m an American; you’re lucky that I can even find Africa on a map and know that a country called South Africa exists). He likes Trump because Trump has actually accomplished something with his life as opposed to Senators Cruz and Rubio who have been “public servants” all their lives. He equates being a politician to pretty much living off the government dole.

Supporter 2 is also a legal immigrant. He’s a darker-skinned Muslim from some middle eastern country (again, I play the American card here regarding not knowing his exact origins). He likes Trump because Trump isn’t afraid to give voice to problems. “How are you ever going to solve anything if you’re too afraid to even talk about it?”

I don’t think that you can draw overarching conclusions about anything based on such a tiny sample size, but maybe you can start to say, “Trump supports are more diverse than we thought.”


Maybe I’m not Crazy

For a while now, I’ve seen the Trump phenomena as being primarily about economics. Building a wall, insults, all that other crap … who cares? As a middle class American, I want to know what candidates are going to do about my economic future.

Trump seems to be the only one talking about trade and economics.

But no one else even noticed. Racism! Stupidity! He’s a phony and a fraud!

I was beginning to think I was seeing something that wasn’t there. Now, the Guardian is backing me up (Thanks, Guardian!).

Okay, the reasonable part of this post is over. I’m putting on my tinfoil hat – I can’t help but ask, “Why is the Republican establishment so vehemently anti-Trump?”

Seriously, they’d rather Ted Cruz over the guy. Rationally, you have to see Trump as a deal maker. Why not simply have a sit down with him and try to have him tamp down on the crazy?

But if the establishment is as completely in the pocket of big business as I think they are, they’re stance makes a lot more sense. Reasonable opinion or not, I’m just sayin’ …

Weekend: Trump style

This post is some funny stuff – a blogger answering questions in the style of The Donald:

A friend shared this on FB.  Given my love of Battlestar Galactica, this was particularly awesome… —————- I’ve decided to start answering all questions in …

Source: Weekend: Trump style

Trump is the new Hitler……really?

Heil Trump?

I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve encountered where people compare Trump to Hitler. I engaged with one lady, and she ended up agreeing with me that maybe it was a little too over the top for what she was trying to say. Another engagement, however, revealed that a different blogger truly was scared that Trump would be like Hitler.

Here’s a good refutation of that position (and note that the author is not a Trump supporter):
It was almost inevitable that as Donald Trump inches towards the Republican presidential nomination, voices would be raised comparing him with Adolf Hitler. Much as I would be happy to see T…

Source: Trump is the new Hitler……really?